A Ksplice Uptrack subscription comes with a web interface which summarizes important information about your machines and will tell you if Ksplice is currently working on new updates for your distributions. Log in to your Uptrack web interface at https://status-ksplice.oracle.com.

System Status Summary

See what machines are up to date and what machines need attention in one easy summary on your overview page:

Ksplice Uptrack screenshot: System status page

Beyond machines with available updates, the overview page also has notifications for:

  • rebootless updates currently in progress for your distributions
  • new Uptrack client releases
  • inactive machines: those that have stopped using Uptrack or can't communicate with the Uptrack servers

and more. You can also group your machines for easy management.

Machine Details

Get an in-depth look at your machine's status on its machine detail page, including the available and installed updates, basic system information, uptime, and when it last communicated with an Uptrack server:

Ksplice Uptrack screenshot: Machine detail

Access policies

Want an extra layer of control over which machines using your access can can use the Uptrack service? Maybe you manage Uptrack-enabled machines for other people and want to let them use the service while still having control over which machines have access.

It's easy to customize your Uptrack access policies to get the access control you want!

You can set access policies for individual or groups of existing machines as well as set a default access policy for new machines. For example, you might use a default deny policy, in which machines that have newly installed Uptrack cannot receive updates from the Uptrack servers until you specifically authorize them:

Ksplice Uptrack screenshot: Access policies

Read more about access policies in our Uptrack User's Guide.