Installing Uptrack


Ksplice is free with Oracle Linux Premier Support. If you do not have Oracle Linux Premier Support and use RHEL or Oracle Linux, you can try Ksplice free for 30 days.

Access Key

To install Ksplice, you'll first need your access key. Log in to the Unbreakable Linux Network and follow the instructions to register your system for Ksplice.


Your system must have access to the internet to install Ksplice. If you are using a proxy, set the proxy in your shell:

# export http_proxy=
# export https_proxy=

The proxy string should be of the form [protocol://][username:password@]<host>[:port], where

  • protocol is the protocol to connect to the proxy (http or https)
  • username and password are the authentication information needed to use your proxy (if any).
  • host and port are the hostname/ip address and port number used to connect to the proxy
  • The proxy must support making HTTPS connections.


Once you have your access key, you are ready to install. Run the following instructions as root, replacing YOUR_ACCESS_KEY with the access key you received from Unbreakable Linux Network.

Uptrack can be configured to install updates automatically or to wait until you manually install the updates.

Automatic Update Installation

To install Uptrack so you receive updates automatically:

# wget -N
# sh install-uptrack YOUR_ACCESS_KEY --autoinstall
# uptrack-upgrade -y

If you have already installed Uptrack, you can turn automatic update installation on by setting autoinstall = yes in /etc/uptrack/uptrack.conf after installation.

Manual Update Installation

To install Uptrack so you manually apply updates:

# wget -N
# sh install-uptrack YOUR_ACCESS_KEY
# uptrack-upgrade -y

If installing on a Debian or Ubuntu machine, you may first need to install the ca-certificates package with apt-get install ca-certificates. Without this package you will see a "certificate verification error".


Various configuration options, including how to turn on or off autoinstall, are documented in the Uptrack User's Guide.

Using Uptrack

Learn more about using Uptrack from the Uptrack User's Guide.

Ksplice Desktop Edition

Here are installation instructions for the free Ksplice Desktop Edition. These instructions include instructions for installing using our GUI installer.

Legacy Customers

Legacy customers continue to have support for various distributions. Installation instructions can be found on the Legacy Customers page.