Oracle Ksplice makes the management of critical updates fast, easy and safe.

  • Easy to set up

    Go rebootless without rebooting even once to setup. Ksplice Uptrack works on the regular Linux kernel you are already running.
  • Protection for kernel and user-space

    Ksplice protects against vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel and critical user-space components, including glibc and openssl, exclusively on Oracle Linux.
  • Works in your environment

    Ksplice Uptrack works perfectly in virtualized environments or on bare metal. It also works with your userspace applications and third-party kernel modules. Ksplice Uptrack leaves your third-party modules alone as it updates the rest of your kernel.
  • Rollback capability

    Instantly reverse any update to the Linux kernel–rebootlessly as always. Kernel change management has never been easier!
  • No performance impact

    Update running systems without any negative impact on performance. Also, Ksplice Uptrack does not require a persistently running process.
  • Offline Updates

    Apply Ksplice updates to systems not connected to the Internet by running your own updates mirror.
  • Proxy support

    Ksplice Uptrack supports using a standard HTTP proxy to pass through your firewall.
  • Web management tool

    Conveniently check whether all of your systems are up to date, in one place, in your web browser.
  • Secure infrastructure

    Ksplice Uptrack uses security best practices for preparing our software packages and rebootless updates. All our software packages and rebootless updates are cryptographically signed.
  • Email notifications

    We'll send you an email announcement whenever new updates are available for one of your systems.
  • API and monitoring

    Programmatically monitor and control your machines through the Uptrack API. Our client library comes with Python bindings and example scripts, including a Nagios plugin.
  • Access policies

    Set access policies for individual or groups of machines.

Learn More

The following resources provide a more detailed look at Ksplice.

Ksplice Datasheet
The Ksplice datasheet provides an overview of the features and benefits of the Ksplice solution, as well as an outline of how it works and why you would want to use it.
Ksplice Overview Screencast
This 18-minute screencast provides a comprehensive overview of how to install, configure, and use Ksplice on a production Linux system, including a demo.
Ksplice: Automatic Rebootless Kernel Updates
Ksplice academic paper that appeared in the Proceedings of the 2009 ACM SIGOPS EuroSys Conference on Computer Systems, Nuremberg, Germany, April 1–3, 2009.

Try Oracle Ksplice Today

30 Day Trial for Oracle Linux

If you use Oracle Linux, you can try Oracle Ksplice free for 30 days. During the trial, you will receive all of the protections of Oracle Ksplice for your kernel.

30 Day Trial

Free Community Protection for Ubuntu Desktop

Servers aren't the only systems needing protection. Oracle has made Oracle Ksplice available for free to members of the Linux community protecting against kernel vulnerabilities on desktop installations of Ubuntu. Find out first hand the benefits of being protected by Oracle Ksplice.

Free Desktop Edition